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Our Divine sessions are different from ANY mainstream Consulting service today. Here, we teach and guide you on how to Allow and actually Accept Happiness, Joy, Peace, even Abundance into our life experiences instead of blocking them.. You will also get all the help and guidance you personally need during your intense yet liberating transformation.! We do focus more on Perception in seeing things/events for what they truly are and allowing the opportunity in disguise they may arrive in rather than seeing something for what it looks like. Our eyes can deceive us and let's be honest.. Sometime we really dont know how something will happen until it presents itself in effect of, us simple being open in the first place.. Thats half of allowing right there.! Every decision we make should be an executive decision because we stand by it. There isnt one foot in the car and one foot out when we make decisions are there.? Lol "Not all of em" you say. Indeed I know because sometimes we want to do something nice for people but we just dont know because something feels out of loop, it just doesnt feelright.. Yes, old situations like that can be understood, making decisions for the right reasons so regrets no longer exist is rising in healing.. As an optimist by soul, I truly feel everything is for us in our personal worlds, we just have to find ourselves enough to do what comes natural to us and have the courage to live in your passion... The only thing against us is what we preceive to be, because it holds either a lesson or a blessing, sometimes even both for the Incarnated soul that is you, Us, 1... Our Divine sessions instill a new found Acceptance, Strength, Self Confidence, Trust, Peace, Intuition and Love just to name a few back into you.. Your Divine sessions will result in Healing within, if you are ready, whenever you are. No matter where you are on your life journey know, You are exactly where you need to be at every given moment. You are in perfect timing, you are never late.! We can connect with you, on your terms and help you rise from where you are right now with your first session with Divine Consultation. I will be adding to our Hangout spot in the mean time. Contact us on 682 615-1617 for any questions or email us at RaphaTatenen@gmail.com. Peace Love and Light Unity Rapha T.

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Divine Consultation serves as a space where clients can learn to Heal themselves while embracing the Peace that comes with Being Honest and True Self. At Divine Consultation we give our clients the knowledge needed to be able to Consciously realign with The Self and Source Energy. We don't judge our clients at Divine Consultation. We Overstand our clients and will always provide specific guidance to clients whenever needed because oftentime Our Healing requires specific actions or nonactions to activate. Our team of Empaths are so effective because We intuitively are able to feel what you do and understand what most likely contributed to the undesired experience. We're a team that truly cares about you and about you finding your power and learning to create mindfully, the life you desire.. All Work is done thru Divine Knowledge and Understanding, A deep Passion to Serve humanity and a Love and Respect of the journey.! We can't wait to meet you at the divine timing! To the Courageous Brothers and Sisters reading this.. I love You. We love you... Peace Love and Light

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Spoken Word Artist And Speaker for small/big events. 682 615 1617


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